Butch Hartman - Bunsen is a Beast Theme Song lyrics

Bunsen is a Beast Theme Song lyrics


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B-U-N, S-E-N, Bunsen is a beast! Not a bear and not a yeti Many hands to eat spaghetti Bunsen: Hole in head that shoots confetti! Bunsen is a beast! Mikey is his human buddy Mikey: I can stretch him just like putty Bunsen: Friendship that is super nutty! Bunsen is a beast! This mean girl is named Amanda She spreads angry propaganda Wants him gone and she'll demand a... Squadron of police! Amanda: To make him leave 'cause I don't want His kind to be increased! Mikey: But I don't care, it's super cool that... Bunsen, Bunsen, Bunsen Bunsen is a beast!

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