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Bun B - Active lyrics

[Intro: Grafh]

Big homie Bun B been a godfather
This trill sh**
I don't know what you f** n***as is talking 'bout

[Hook: Grafh]

Fake n***as they everywhere
Real n***as we outnumbered
n***a we active (3x)
Representing that real
n***a we active (3x)
Representing that real

[Verse 1: Grafh]

Get hip to this trill sh**
The ice in my vein pump through my heart
My n***a, that's why I don't feel sh**
I'm the n***a y'all n***as gotta deal with
Signed to real n***a records
That's who the f** my n***as gotta deal with
I'd die for the n***as I k** with
That [?] (x2)
Trill-a** n***a that's word to Bun
On dirty Sprite
I'm in a dirty slum
On Real n***a Ave
Where you heard I'm from?
Off G-Code​​, bullet bars
Bring ya gun cause they beefin'
You 'gon make [?] and they even
You bought a kid-bar
n***a you still tweefin'
You some new-a** n***a
New-a** n***a
Fake-a** Louis Vuitton shoe-a** n***a
Little bitty gun two-two-a** n***a
You a nobody
Who are you-a** n***a?
I'm-ma wax-on, wax-off
Brick chopping, kung-fu-a** n***a
f** Crips, blue-a** n***a
f** the Bloods too, [?]-a** n***a
f** with GDs, DDPs
Body-slam n***as or DDT
This the school of hard knocks
Where n***as'll blow brain-cells
All over you GEDs
Them warriors dangerous
Who said glory is painless?
I's (was) raised by notorious gangstas
Every time you tell your story it changes
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[Verse 2: Bun B]

Triple OG, Bun B done my n***a
I been on my grizzly
(been on my grizzly)
You coming around on some f**-n***a sh**
Then homeboy you can miss me
(homeboy you can miss me)
You talk a good fight
And the people believe you
But you don't convince me
That's why I brought up the choppers
To chop all you punk motherf**ers to mince-meat
Don't make me do it for Pimp-C
Then it gets overdone
And you might get over on most folks
But you never f** over Bun
I got my eyes on the prize
My ears to the streets
And my nose on the grind
(nose on the grind)
And I promise my n***a
I do wanna most out of you hoes over mine
(hoes over mine)
It's a G thang
How I k**ed every beat that I flowed up-on
(flowed up-on)
These fake n***as claiming they trill
Man, what an emoticon
Believing your own lies
You know what that do to your mind?
(do to your mind)
Give it a break
For real, it's a waste of studio time
(studio time)
Do us a favor, get out the way
Let a trill-n***a through
(trill n***a through)
And keep it a hundred
You already know what them trill-n***as do
(them trill-n***as do)
I'm rocking with Grafh
And we laughing all the way to the bank
(the way to the bank)
Doin' it just how we wanna
Cause we give f** what you think
(for real)


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