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Bun B - 3 In the Mornin' lyrics

[Intro: Bun B]
Damn, already three in the morning, huh?
It's going down, leaning, drink your drink
Candy sweets, third coast, n***a, UGK 'bout to wreck shop

[Verse 1: Bun B]
Man, I'm larger than life
These motherf**ers ask, is it the bark or the bite?
It's both, chilling on streets you scared to park on at night
Just forfeit, just like I'm becoming part of the light
And you, man, you going to be the biggest mark at the fight
See, I never understood what made you think you was handling
You half-a** running through my neighborhood vandling
Next time, I'm a light your world up like a cannon
Get some Italians to play your a** like a mandolin
These c**aine wars got my mind in a frenzy
The feds tried to confiscate my 'Lac and my Benzy
Colombian a**a**ins hunt a n***a like Lindsey
And one of my workers came up short with my ends, see
sh**, running the streets used to be complicated
But now it's all either drug- or strong-arm-related
But never can a bomb be faded, fool
Ring the alarm, pour the Dom

I'm coming down real shiny like candy paint
'Bout three in the morning, yawning
I wish I could come down, but you know I can't
Cause I'm leaning off the dank and the good ol' drink
I got five on the weed, fifty on the drink
Fool, I'm coming down, f** what these hoes think
I wish I could come down, but you know I can't
Cause I'm leaning off the dank and the good ol' drink

[Verse 2: N.O. Joe]
Three in the morning, just turned over
Pimped into my clothes
Got to get around, some hustlers moving in the Chevy Nova
Done flagged me down for some more of that brown
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To go with that green, now they sitting on lean
Now the light is green, got to get the snaps
So I bails from the scene, the watch was still packed
With dealers and fiends freaking for Gs and greens
See, it's the same every night
n***as creeping down G way and keeping they head tight
Watching for laws because you know they wanna hate
Jealous cause a n***a getting ahead of this paper chase
Can't place my face in these streets
But some n***as gotta hustle just to eat
n***as jacking and packing, they playing for keeps
No peace of mind, keeping my heat behind
My seekers see a lie to be caught sleeping
By another n***a out creeping
While I'm chilling getting sweeted


[Verse 3: Pimp C]
What you see is what the f** you get
Young Pimp C, baby, coming down real wet
I got a pump in the 'Lac cause these n***as tried to jack us
But we don't give a f**, I got the AK in the back of us
Came out the night club, three o'clock struck
Trying to holler at my people, she in Lexus, I'm in truck
We 'bout to eat breakfast, we in Houston, Texas
The city of the crack, and the 'Lacs, and the Lexus
I'm hollering at the body, Courtney came with the love
We coming down, mane, blowing smoke in his lungs
Cause I'mma candy sweet dipper, a big 'caine pimper
I'm playing with the clit-ah, I'm squeezing on the nipples
Even though this ho look good and the p**y is tight
After I hit, jump in my sh**, I'm scratching off for the night
f** that laying in the bed with the ho 'til the morning
b**h, I'm getting out here yawning, coming back to reforming
Three in the morning
Three in the morning


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