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Bun B - 2 AM lyrics

[Verse 1: Phil Ade]
Two wrongs don't make a right, we gon' make a left tonight
This love is unofficial, we don't need no ref tonight
Let me know when the coast is clear
You keep moving close, come near
I swear, I would give it you right here
Baby, I'm so sincere
I got weed and a little bit of drink, too
Back it up, let me see what that thing do
Told me to keep it on the down low
Well, let's go, this a level I could sink to
f** or things you gotta think through?
Cool, take your time
And after you say "f** it," get on your knees, let me take your mind
If there ain't no ring, then it ain't no thing
I talk that talk, but it ain't no game
f** yo' n***a, I don't pay him no mind
While he stare, blow a J whole time
I'm in the building, my section packed
Hoes at the door, ain't textin' back
And my n***a B got a Lexus truck
If you don't give a f**, we can s** in back
I'm a risin' icon, I'm on a roll
You a good girl, was on honor roll
Went and got you a good man
But you curious, so you wander though
Now we on the low, while he in the crowd
My fingers all through your hair
You wonder, though, but you got your doubts, so I whisper all in your ear

[Hook x 4]
It's two o'clock in the morning
It's two o'clock in the morning
I'm yakked up, and I'm horny

[Verse 2: Phil Ade]
You wrong for it, but I'm all for it
You knew I was gonna be here, you hit the mall for it
Not only that, you made that n***a pay
That n***a 'bout to have a cow, while I give his Chik-Fil-A
D-E, I'm a major pain
In the neck, get 'em wet like Navy trainin'
In the back, he think she's being a fan
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Well, I think she the next one to be in the van
Man, she was born rich, she thinkin' what she want
Tonight no different, I ain't the one to tell her "don't"
Nope! That's his problem
Got her A$AP, like she in Harlem
No Twelvy, just Belvy
And I'm drunk, you ain't gotta sell me
Just say the word, and I'll pay the tab
Too drunk, I'll pay the cab
Tell your man that he can have you back
With ?????? like Fader Mag
We f**ed up, makin' out
Snuck out the party, barely made it out
Hopped in the car, all shaded out
Got her hands on me, trying to take it out
My hands on her, trying to take it off
I pull her pants, she shake it off
Her phone loud, and it kept going
So I turned the key, and heard Bun's song like

[Verse 3: Bun B]
Sittin' back in my slab
Swisher sweets in my ash tray
Swangin' wide in my ave
Livin' my life the fast way
Rollin' through my hood
Bending corners on Vogues, mayne
Smelling like that good
My eyes out for them hoes, mayne
Got one in my vision with them Isabel Marants on
Now I'm on my mission cause she got them skintight pants on
White tee with no bra, I'm lovin' them titties, though
She lookin' like a star, don't stop, get it - get it, ho
Big ol' a** booty, no shots and no implants
I'm 'bout to do my duty, let yo' boy up in them pants
Ass soft as cotton, legs thick, and they solid
One look at baby girl, man my sh** got brolic
She say she want a player, now she got one, a hot one
I'm in the driver's seat, and shawty ridin' shot gun
Drop the top, we rollin' out, ridin' off in the sunset
It don't take long to realize, it don't get no triller than Bun get
Hol' up

[Hook x 2]

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