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Bugzy Malone - Bugzy Malone *PART 2 ~ Yoga Flame (Uncut Version) lyrics

Bugzy malone
The Bugzy Malone show
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[Verse 1: Bugzy Malone]
Come from a different town
Different Planet
Different Realm
Me and Scorpion can't compare
Because I make Scorpion Get Over Here
I'll make Sub Zero disappear
I'll freeze him till' he goes crystal clear
Let me get one thing crystal clear
I am the wickedest ting' round here
But you know
I'll clash man when they're home alone
Im in the atmosphere like Calone
Nobody does this ting' like Malone
I'll make a jet black boy turn yellow
They man are liars, Pinocchio
Im in first gear and im on one wheel
Let me get second
I spit sixteen from a lethal weapon
And that's real
Im like Angelene and Joe lee in Unwanted
I bend the shot like Beckham
How can a human fight with a lion
Im coming like King from Tekken
I've been gone for time
I said into the devil I turn
That was like a split second
I make the sky turn red
And everybody in the building goes missing
Im not messing
Give me a Super-Soaker and I'll wet him
Give me a Mongoose pro and a four face balaclava and I'll leave man sweating
Somebody better make God bless him
Cuz i swear to God
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If I catch man on a Dark Knight with Cruiger
Tell my Pitbull, Go get him
Na That's mine, Not Mortal Kombat this time
You don't know his name but you know mine
So I don't mind if I never get signed
You don't like Hip-Hop but you love Grime
Didn't do music but now you're trying
Because you heard Bugzy Malone was flying
But im too real
You man are lying
Waste of time
Im B to the U to the G to the Z to the Y Motherf**er
I heard that your girlfriend was a lockoff
Seen her on Friday but Chris took her
You man are ga**ed my five on a cooker
Im just a big right hand upper-cuter
And if I catch your chin, Make you spin
And leave you lyin' in a gutter
You can't kid a kidder
Take off your head like Bearthris Ciddle
Between the right and left
Make your head top like Piggy in the middle
Piggy in the middle, Tell em' it's a riddle
I used to make pure money in the gynal
And then the t-shirts went up for sale
Now everybody's gotta turn into the devil
The beat just changed
The flow, The flow's insane
Im so cold, You get brain freezed
Your looking at a room full of frozen brains
If you've not got a turn into the devil t-shirt, you're from the olden days
I wear my hat low like a cowboy
But im never ever gonna be John Wayne
Nobody here can call me Fireman Sam
Cuz i leave the booth in flames
Contradiction, I said I was cold
All of us just keep switching lanes
All of us just keep switching chains
I play the game, I play the game
All of us just keep switching mobile phones
And I just keep switching lanes

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