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Buchanan - Mr keeperman lyrics

Holding our hands
You were the one
Leading the way
We were spoken for man
Just a common mistake
So far from the spotlight
You found It on the internet...

We were climbing the trees
Changing our way
Yeah, they say you'll move on
I'll catch another cab
I would stare at the sky
Till eyes start to flicker
Flicker brightly
Like a strobe light at night I was blind if you like
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Now my heart feels so tight at the thought of your sight
You said...
And you'd lean In so close and whisper gently
A single frame alone but not to touch
You said, I'll be the fox
And you'll be the kitten
And I'll be the fox
And you'll be the kitten
In the basement he said
You were locked up instead
In the Basement he said
You're my friend, Mr Keeperman...

And you said it would be alright
In arrested development
And we're all in detention

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