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BubbaGotBeatz - Ten Toes (Challenge) lyrics

Ten Toes
Shad Fire

Walking down 14th
With La Villa and an Arizona
Those the days
Now I'm feeling like I'm never home
Sticks and stones, broken bones
I'm scribbling flows
Looking at the world
And I'm feeling like I'm still alone
My father think I'm crazy
And I think so too
My mind is beating me down
Now I'm purple and blue
I swear it's too much on mind
What am I gonna do?
I got holes in the wall
They can see right though
Feel like I'm the villain in my biopic
My vision so myopic
When I come off the Concerta
These bummys think I'm psychotic
And I'm starting to believe them
Feel my sanity leaving
I don't be having episodes
My life's a f**ing season
It's a cold winter so I write this heat
Only thing keeping me on my feet
Only problem spitting this challenge is
I ain't make this beat
I made Heartbeat and I own that sh**
Blasé-bla don't give a sh**
If I really cared about what you told me
Then I would f**ing quit
Like "f** this sh**!"
Nah but I still spit
I took all of my eggs and
Put them all in one basket
And this basket
Case is laced I'm running
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Through the race in one place
Like I ain't even left the gates
I'm crazy you can't call me
Fugazi or lazy I'll write it, produce it
Record it, mix it, master it, drop it
Like it's hot no I do not sell so f** a profit
n***a stop it this sh** priceless you can't cop it
sh** I'm charged up like a Tesla and taking off like a rocket. Boom!
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
The Phifer pa**ed away and
I swear to God that sh** hit me hard
He Inspired me to Check the Rhime
So I stay on point like all the time
I'm on the grind I'm on the lines
My heartbeat like an 808 Kick
Thinking of a master plan
My flow is high like Amsterdam
I'm a mastermind if you don't believe me
Then I don't give a damn
But hear the words hear the sounds
I'm just speaking from the ground
And everybody that f** with me for real
Know I hold it ten toes down

Shout out Jonathan Trunda
My girl Telaya
That's Medici Music
Shout out
KennethWayne, Brennan Meyers
Keeping it real on the track
Shout out my homegirl Chloe Stewart
Shout out my homeboy John Brown
My brother, Sid Miyagi
New music coming soon, hopefully
So y'all stop asking me
On that note
I'm gone
Let's ride it out
Vibe to it

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