Bryson Tiller - Exchange (Remix) lyrics

[Verse 1: Murder Mal]
Shorty asked me "why you acting like that?"
Told her its been that way, told her that sh** done changed
Baby I ain't the same, part of me has gone away
Still remember when that used to be my a**, girl
If you need it, you don't even gotta ask, girl
I pay attention like I'm tryna pa** a cla**, girl
You played me well, I ain't even see ya mask, girl
Look at me, look at us, look at I
I'll admit it, girl, you even made me cry
Used to jack you hard, always said that you was mine
But sh** changed, rearranged when you f**ed another guy
Damn, goddamn you is slime
Can't believe that I would ever be so blind
Yeah, can't believe that I just wasted all my time
Confused lust with love man, that sh** is hard to find
Let it go, let it go, told me let it go
Will I ever use my heart again, I'll never know
sh** cold, used to burn, now my sh** is froze
I'm a dog off the leash, and now I'm chasing hoes
Damn, when I was with you, I was different
I was happy, feeling good, I was lifted
Did me wrong, changed my views, got my sh** confused
Ex's change for the better but you'll always my boo
You said I try to you play that's a lie
I'm the best you ever had, girl, f** them other guys
Used to call me on my cellphone, late nights, when you need my love, now it ain't nice
Always arguing and it ain't right
Rolling over backwards for someone else

[Break 1]
Break it down, yeah
Yes sir, check

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[Verse 2: Bryson Tiller]
We used to lay up and then stay up
Have s** and then blow dank
I shouldn't have played no games with you, just levelled up my rank
Last time I saw you we ain't speak, that was strange
Guess it's nothing I can do, man, it's true, ex's change, yeah
Guess you changed for the better (better)
I know you know how to make me jealous
I was never loyal, let you tell it, yo
But I'm ready to fix it if you ready, baby
But so, so

So give me all of you in exchange for me
Just give me all of you in exchange for me, for me

[Break 2]
For real shawty
Yeah, I know

[Verse 3: Bryson Tiller]
Yeah, is you at 2 Keys or Tin Roof?
Turn up with young Tiller, we just getting loose
Maybe I'm lowkey feelin' you, don't be cynical
Won't f** you over, wanna f** you over and again
The truth is ain't really here to start problems
Girl, I swear to God them hoes can't never say they got him
Know how bad you wanna tell 'em, "don't try him"
I don't wanna tell him, let's surprise him
I don't wanna get into it, why you stressin' him, I've been drivin'
Back and forth, from Louisville to Lexington, mileage
On the whip, got your a** in my grip
College make you wanna strip for them dollars
Nah girl, I got a job for you, swear to God I can do a lot for you
Saw you strollin' through the campus, I had to stop for you
I was scrollin' through the 'gram, girl, I had to follow you
Say what's up with you? You got my soul

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