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BRYAN THE MENSAH - King of Tea lyrics

(Verse 1)
King Of Tea I got a lot of it chale
& if you talking bout my life see I'm proud of it chale
I'm loving it chale
Jehovah gimme chance say make I do a lot with it chale
& I ain't ever doubting it chale
Because I'm all in it!
On a wave & a diet so no Guinness
Look alive, feel the vibe chale no gimmicks
Plenty menners making moves
But e no dey move to any other place but their rooms, you for mow physics!
Spitting fire flames like I'm Johnny blaze
Taking weird pics like Okunta Kinte
I bring the fire in all of my arts
You go call it Da Vinci
I've been sippin tea like a fiend
I've been sippin tea like a gee
More menners just really no dey barb
But they acting like they do
So I guess e no be me peh

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(Verse 2)
Man I barely scratched the surface
But I talk about my depths & peaks
Mah-dey-eat, Krappa Fa**a Baba let's repeat
New Ghana, Boys ka**a but the less you speak
Is gon determine how you hop around your moves in peace
Or in stress? Nana take one fam
Cos the key to success is an A1 plan
If you need me don't forget say I dey some farm
Dey chop my lettuce and carrots
Cos now all I eat is salad
I'm on a diet
Yeah I go take some come
& I could tell you all about it for days But
Knowing Ghana & how tins dey Rydee
Ain't nobody got a minute to waste yeah
You gotta hit all the milestones to get to the quake
Like you speeding on high roads no need for the brakes
If recession is counter productive forget the breaks
Denny Wan Kwakoz Mah-dey-eat on a wave! Whoo!


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