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BRYAN THE MENSAH - King of Tea Pt. 2 lyrics

(Verse 1)
Save your cash the tea is free
To pay the price for being me
My one day stress fit kill you 3 - times
So I'm just cool like no degree
But seriously though I got one degree
But seriously though I base I base
Adinkra pie and lemonade
Road to HASTAFARI chale it's about to get a little hot in here bruh
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Amanfuor se meha adwen carry on with all your nagging I just no dey hear but
If you know you feeling the king of the tea
Then make you never shake cos your time will never be wasted I promise chale me slacke aaa b3 gye me din
It's obvious nobody is honest with it anymore it's so pathetic
So now, I'm saying pretty please
To every African Artiste working hard to make this an industry
The mediocrity mehn it's killing me
I slur for this side so say y'all go know say I'm speaking seriously
Don't get caught up in the wave cos it's just a phase
Think about the other ways you can get the pay

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