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BRSMSN - Bars Deep lyrics

Sneaker heads weak whats shoes to a leg
I be bringin boombap back boom to the rang
While I cruise in a range bumpin wu to the tang
You a chump know bars never lose to a lame
Sippin booze on a plane on the sky first classin
Mashin let me smoke blunts that im ashin
Cashin if you write checks to me
I got the freshest tree don't need no extacy
Im bout to show the whole scene what the recipe
You getting more too much not less of me
I ain't gotta yell it at a high Deci B
Its eveident bars impson fresh to D
But yall in need
Of a paradigm shifting
Bars like Jordan
Air and Im drifting
Hang time as I lay lines
You on the lay line
I be doin laps butterfly lap while you waste time
I ain't wana hear about that benz that you crashin
You passive Im all up on they lense steady flashin
I birth new shit . yall want custody
Its too bad nobody out touchin me
Bars deep
Im bars deep
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Im bars deep
Im bars deep in
Bars deep
Bars deep in this game

You a busta B
You ain't much like me
I keep ducks in a row n grow bud from seed
You a clone never do nothing on ya own
(cut the beat)
Cuz you be too busy getting stoned
Get grown
Yo mommas house ain't doin you justice
Got you straying far away from the stu and percussion
Offa booze and concussion you ain't using your braincells
For being in my crew you ain't doin your thang well
Makin moves til the moves is made
Beats blunts knowledge let it all accumulate
Fried in a 2 door call it coupe fillet
Weight like a fat man got scoop for days
Eatin rye bread
Hit my girl booty til the thighs red
Comin live dead on the mic offa my meds
So take it in n brang some friends
Bars cookin it so hot you can taste the win
Im bars deep

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