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Broken Equipment Productions - Ompton lyrics


This is King Kendrick Lamar
Kendrick Lamar, the best rapper
Especially if you never heard music before 2010

[Verse 1]

I be the new DMC
When I'm crying up on the beat
I'm not the king of New York
I'm lying straight through my teeth
I take a bit of the meat
And I put it between a bun
And I eat it it's really fun
I go on a burger run
I'm from Compton
But I'm supposed to say Bompton
I know someone in my hood
Like "Fxck Kendrick I'll stop em"
"Soon as I get around him"
I'm going 'round and 'round
I merry go 'til I vomit
I got ears like comic
So when I'm in a cartoon
Don't laugh like I'm retarded
I got ears like a fan
And they just wave like I farted
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Try'na block out the smell
Of dead bodies and homi's
When you take your last breath
You turn your drawers to a potty
I killed Jay on a song
They acted like it didn't happen
Soon as I did "Control"
Now they wanna start rapping
All these niggas is hype
But I ain't impressing Phil Jackson
Got the Brian McKnight fade
Cause my hair started napping
Crips asked me my set
I turned around and I ran
Mama keep calling me
Cause she still need her van
I got sneakers like Vans
My Vans looking like sneakers
Broke the screen on my phone
Now I can't see when you tweet us
I'm in love with Aaliyah
So me and Drake gon' relate
When twin cousins named Fist and Hand
Go blam when they see ya'
Don't talk to my old lady
I feel like Usher and Kellz
You can have Sherane
I know that her pussy smells

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