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Broken Equipment Productions - 2 Year Old Freestyling lyrics

I'm drinking dirty sprite!
That lean...ya heard me?

I want some-
I want some more juice

It's the gang, crazy hoes wanna get high
I just hit this lean, got wheels I'mma dip
She didn't see the ghost, she keep that pussy tight
She still know me when she see that…bang!
She know we in the streets! she know we do our thing!
All week, i ain't seen u but she know what to do
Ohhh, ju-ju-jude
Ode to the hood
Catch..a book..oh ju-ju-jude
I just had my damn gold
I'ont know where it's at
I wish they licked it, they will see the kid
On'em wit the yankees
On'em when we shoot
You'll see that-see that boom!
Niggas gon' get
All in this shit
On with the sheet
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These niggas gon' shoot
I need a drank!
*drinks cup*
I need..
I need a drink to stay inside
*drinks cup*
It's the ZG gang, been sky high
She came to get raped
She said that we can do it
Get on that pole
And she know what to do
She see the sky when the wind blow'a wig back
She drink the juice, cuuuz she don't got that
Drink chocolate, officer forget that
I'ont need this shit, obama wolf her
Bling bling
All my nukkas get turnt
End up no winning, i'll end up in dirt
It's young jude
Bitch, fluck them fluck naan's
Ironman swag, flocka flame on

I got bands and I'm gonna spend it

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