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Broken Bones - Bitching lyrics

Well, I've been hearing what you've been saying and it ain't good
You've been saying I've been lying, and all that sort of stuff
You thought you were pretty good
The problem was you thought too much
You'd better shut your mouth
The bitches are bitchin', always the same
The bitches are bitchin', another face, another name
The bitches are bitchin' look around they'll shoot you down
The bitches are bitchin', 'cos a bitch is a bitch
My self control's getting very low
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I've got to get out, get out and go
As I move to one side, two-faced bitch
I want out of this, I'm drowning in your lies
Girl, you'd better watch what you say
'Cos what I explode, I'll be coming your way
And when I do, I'm coming looking for you
That's when you will learn the truth
Your bitchin's getting to me
I can't take it any more
You'd better shut your mouth
I'll nail you to the wall

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