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Broken Bones - Kick Down The Doors lyrics

I've been sitting here, I just don't understand
Why do these people treat me like a clown?
I get up every morning at the right time
But when I get here, I'm greeted with a frown
Well listen teacher, you're gonna get yours
I'm gonna break up the tables and Kick Down The Doors
I'm gonna split your nose and pull out your hair
Because, quite frankly, I just don't care
You don't wanna help me. You don't wanna know me
You just wanna kick me through the door
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Well, you've got the key and you've stuck it in me
One more turn and I'm gonna even the score
Well, it's a simple fact that Rat Eats Rat
That's something I just won't ignore
But in this penal system of English education
You ain't gonna hurt me no more
Because the idea behind this story
Is not necessarily about a school
It's about how you're treated at your place of work
And how they make you feel like a fool

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