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Broken Bones - It's Like lyrics

It's like your paradise, but it's not what it seems
Ideals are not reality, they're nothing more than dreams
It's like your idols that offer you freedom
They're making their statements, so you think that they mean them?
They started all this hate
This hate, violence and war
They started all this hate
But who are you fighting for?
It's like your politicians who offer you the earth
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But until they get in power you can't see what they're worth
It's like political violence that still goes on today
You'd think the government by now would have found a way
It's like the wealthy who look down on you
They're being taxed too much? That can't be true
It's like violent demonstrations like in Red Lion Square
The extent of the aggression the police didn't care
... are you fighting for
But who are you fighting for?

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