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Even when the aching Rises like the sea Purifies the life In our blood And the angels among us Who fight for everything Laying down their loves In the dark Even in my prison Of human memory Held by the weight Of times arms I can hear the voices calling Spirits of the deep The only space between us Is me Now I'm free Take me in your hands now I'm not afraid of Finding out what we're made of I'm in love with you Walk me through the shadows No longer scared of How they became us The phantoms of youth I feel through you Even though I wanna feel What you're falling through I feel through you Don't think for a second That I wasn't watching you I feel through you Even though I'm a jealous god I want you to I feel through you Have you sail the seven seas Til I get to you Til I'm done with you Now I'm never ending Space has taken me Walking through the garden of God I can see the ending coming Beginning as we sing For you and I the song plays on and on

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