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BRÅVES - Juju lyrics

Got that Louisiana dirt
Got that Mississippi gris-gris
Stop before one of us is burnt
Before we sleeping with the fishes
Your lips are drippin' southern drawl
Your hips are speakin in that Creole
You melt me into liquid gold
Spill me out and watch me free-fall

I'm losing my faith
I'm forgetting my name
I confess that your beauty is my breakdown
All it took was a taste
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Knock me out of the race
I confess that your beauty is my breakdown
You caught me in your landslide
I can't dig my way out of your love
You cast me and I'm spellbound
I can't break your juju and it's tough

You're a devil in disguise
Ya, you are my voodoo child

Got that ghost of New Orleans
Got that body from the bayou
Got that tarot up that sleeve
Got that goddess up inside you

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