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BRÅVES - Big Fish lyrics

I get a feeling that I'm reeling in a real big fish with you
I might be outta my mind
You been dealin' disbelieving in a world we built for two
Are you pullin' my line?
Paint is peelin' off the ceiling and I sleep to dream of you
Where you gone all the time?
Every hook you been stealing and the bait's disappearing it's you pulling my line
Are you pulling my line?

You're mine to catch
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And I'm ready to dive
There's plenty of fish
I got a lot on my mind
I won't forget
If you've been pulling my line
Eyes like machetes and your tail is where my head is it's true
Got me high and dry
Up for hours and I'm ready but you won't break my levvy it's you got me on your line

I got a feelin that I'm reelin' in a real big fish with you

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