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Brad The Abstract - Speaking My Mind (part 2) lyrics

[ Brad The Abstract ]

AstroType, Trah
Yah, yah

Hear my futuristic mind lead my ancient soul
In a modern trapped, it's like the doors are closed
So I'll just open minds with the vocal Van Gogh's
Leave it for the weak to ramble ramble
Just ramble ramble, ramble ramble
See, the world will fall before The Man goes
Bittersweet like a can of mangos
We attract the madness, a magnet for the saddest of pathos
Won't see me I'm Rambo in camo, in a jungle
Leave it for the weak to ramble, rumble
Dropping knowledge so forget the fumbles
Numb your mind, huddled to the dumbest tunnels
Muscles crumbled, frontals pummeled
We struggle with the puzzles of life
Oh my, oh my
I won't cry
Won't sob
Won't lie
Won't stop
Speaking my mind ‘till the man gets topped
Like, like, like
Won't stop speaking my mind ‘till The Man gets topped
Let the people climb
Just let the people climb
My atmosphere is so sublime
With my futuristic mind
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Vernacular is so divine
Within my futuristic mind
It's my godly body trapped within an ancient soul
It really got me losing all control
AstroType shit
Trah Nalyd shit
Cuz' soon we're due to find
We're due to decline
I guess it's just my time to shine
To shine
To shine
To shine
It's my time to shine

[ John Lennon ]

"So we're saying give peace a chance
You know, but nobody has ever done it before
And it's not a matter of, we're not thinking in terms of ten years
We're thinking in terms of peace forever, you know
Everybody is talking about now , I want peace now
We can get peace now if we want it now
And the left wing talk about giving the power to the people
You know, anybody knows that the people have the power
All we have to do is awaken the power in the people
The people are unaware
It's like they're not educated to realize that they have power
They put the politicians in power, they vote for the local mayor, the people do it
But the system is so geared that everybody believes that just the father will fix everything
The father being the government, government will fix everything, it is all government's fault
You know, bat, shake your fist at the government
We are the government, the people are the government, and the people have the power but we must try to make them aware of this"

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