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Brad The Abstract - Awfully Appalled lyrics

[Brad The Abstract]

Aaaabstract raps

Momma had to curse to kick his course to the curb
Her words were loud, of course they would never be heard
It's def because inhaling loud allowed him to learn
f** the limits of this world, society is so absurd
We're so absurd, yea
Alright, yea

I'm awfully appalled by our lack of control
I chose to revolve about my body and soul
My overtone it offers automatic overthrow
Now my bawdy calmly embodies upon a godly flow
Behold my quotes they'll go and expose the unknown
Slow your mind and soul, allow my vibes to take control
So I roll with smelly green
Inhale the healthy steam
Most display their wealthy things
But what does wealthy mean?
What does wealthy mean to me?
What does wealthy mean to we?
Cuz all the trashy trap groups they demoralize the youth
The flashy cash and swaggy raps, it tends to bend the truth
Yea Ciroc and the thots got ya fame and crazy views
But all I need's a pack of pot to pick pocket these f**ing fools
Yea, so
f** the fame it's outdated
f** the fame it's outrageous
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Rap is copy-paste complacent
I'm just sick of the same sh**
I'm just sick of all the same hits from all these lames kids
Cuz your Instagram starts popping off
A bunch of thots start topping off
You feeling tough cuz you got it all
But get lock jawed when it comes to bars
And start falling off
Just knock it off
Yea, um
It's the same sh**, different month
Same piff, different blunt
Pick a time, pick a rhyme
I'll go line-for-line until you hit the dust
I won't pick em' up
I'm the king of this stomping ground
So play it right or get left behind
It's the underground
Cuz it's the underground
And it's a shame, the things we do for fame
How can we maintain?
We keep on wasting away playing these same f**ing games
With these same f**ing lames
Yea, man something's got to change

I'm awfully appalled by the way that we roll
I chose to revolve bout my body and soul
My overtone it offers automatic overthrow
Watch my bawdy embody all these f**ing foes
Yea, you acting like some hoes
Yea, you got to f**ing go
It's time for a reality check bruh
It's the same sh**, different month

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