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Brad Ross - You Never Heard My Song lyrics

[Verse 1]
Music is in my hands
Nobody understands
Playing a note of something I wrote is right where I belong
We were both out of tune
Maybe we peaked too soon
Like melodies, we grow and we shift, but you never heard my song

Balancing was nothing I cared to do
Now I finally see what I lost
Comprise is something I'm scared to do
But I'd rather face the fear than the cost

Still maybe it's far too late
Some rhythms cannot wait
Yet how can you think we're so out of sync when you never heard my song
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Oooh, ahh, ohh
Harmony's really a miracle
No wonder it's so hard to get right
What if I compose something lyrical, you'll stay
Or stay you might

Give me a chance to learn
Give me your trust to earn
Maybe you'll see, I chose the right key without you it's wrong
So wrong

Listen it's true, the music is you and you never heard my song
Will you ever hear my song?

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