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Boyz N Da Hood - Bush N Da Hood Ft. Bucks G lyrics

Bush N Da Hood
Words over Boyz n da hood

Written by Alexander Goncharenko (Bucks G)

Chorus (1):
Bush in the White House
Practicing corruption
Looks like United States
All we can do is watch him
Taking stupid actions
We made mistake at the 2000 election
And you know why
When he decided that
Two countries struggle now
United States, Iraq,
And you and me we all know that.

Bush is the bad president
Worst one we
Just like his daddy
He is rollin
So we must kick him
Out of the White House
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Cause all he does is lies
And cheats and runs his mouth
That why he needs to shut it
Before somebody shut it for him
With 2x4, a brick, a rock, or even fist bones
Not tryin
But I
And I ain
Yes I
And you should too
You might be saying watch it
There boy I ain
But I
And so should you
To win the war against him
We need to gather, and me and you.
Just like Slim Shady
I know what I
You either hate or love Bush
And that
And what he did.

Repeat Chorus (1

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