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Boyz N Da Hood - Flip Flop lyrics

[Intro: Joc] + (Cheri Dennis)
Yeah, Yung Joc
Let's hear it baby (ooooh!)
Yeah (yeahhh)
Why don't you make your next move your best move

[Hook One] + (Cheri Dennis)
Flip flop, candy drop, MJ's with the socks
Dope boys, get fresh, Chevy on my headrest
Ah how you feel (I feel good)
Chrome exhaust with the leather and the wood
Flip flop, candy drop, MJ's with the socks
Dope boys, get fresh, Chevy on my headrest
Ah how you feel (I feel good)
Custom bucket seats, baby I knew you would

[Hook Two: Cheri Dennis]
Ooooh - ridin in your Chevrolet drop top
Yeahh - we can do a lot of things with the top dropped
Ooooh - I see you flossin like a boss babe
Yeahh - new sh** make me wanna break you off babe

[Yung Joc]
Now shawty what it is, what's on your mind
You need some fresh air, push the button the top recline
I'm blowin on the pine down Martin Luther King
I'm lookin like a dream with the Chevy so clean
MJ's on gleam, check my gangsta lean
Gorillas in my trunk so you know just how I'm bein
The peanut butter guts so plush is what I'm used ta
Hit the turbo booster for Mr. Throw-the-Deuce-Up
Paint still drippin like it's fresh up out the shower
Twelve in the cut, a couple shots of blunt power
I rep the fo'-five flatlands eighty V
I stayed off in the woods, Southside, Shady P

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[Hook One]

[Boyz N Da Hood - Duke]
Yo, yo, pull in that 7-7 Cutla** and I'm throwed
Got the swivel seats, gear shift in the flo'
Underneath the hood got the fo'-fifty-fo'
Plus the brains blowed out so I can blow out my 'dro
Chrome pipes roarin like the lion in the jungle
Be careful not to slumber
Now they know I got that work by the bundles
Catch me with a quarter piece, somethin from the Middle East
Showin the Decatur streets, laid back in these ostrich seats
I'm in the hood, makin deals on the cell phone
Peakin at the a** crack, bustin out that lil' thong
Whoop you good, grip them woods, how I get my gangsta on
p**y n***a try me I'mma put one in your thankin dome

[Hook One]

[Boyz N Da Hood - Jody Breeze]
Ay, ay, liven it up n***a
Well I'mma keep it simple, don't I ride clean
(Yeahh) White Cutla** with the beat down system
All black Cadillac, Pirellis on the tires
(Yeahh) Flip flop candy paint, the b**hes goin wild
(Ooooh) My engine got a Hemi, you can hear me from a mile
So when you see us comin best believe it's goin down
Catch me in the city, it don't matter what it cost
I can still get it with the top peeled off
Like MJ hat and MJ jacket
Use them MJ's on my feet just to match it
P-I-M-P, I'mma keep grindin
Y'all keep talkin cause I'mma keep shinin

[Hook One]

[Hook Two] - 2X

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