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Boyz N Da Hood - Dem Boyz (Remix) lyrics

(feat.T.I. & The Game)

(Young Jeezy)
Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back (back, back)

Yeah, yeah yeah, ay
What it is Block?
Boyz N Da Hood
Let's ride n***a

Ay, ain't no introduction needed
Every n***a in Atlanta know
You try me when you see me n***a
I'ma spit ya cantaloupe
Trigga happy and in a hurry to let dem hammers go;
You actin' like you sick in da head, I got the antidote
I'm comin' wit a question most n***as ain't got da answer fo';
I'm cool as a fan but I'll k** a n***a like cancer tho'
Dem Boyz N Da Hood keep 44's and calicos
454's under da hood of they Super Sports
You know it's goin' down when they lights low and they movin' slow
They windows way down, layin' down, what they shootin' fo'?
T.I.P, da Westside Warrior
So you should know that gunfights under the street lights
I'm used to those

It's dem Boyz N Da Hood, sell anything for profit
Five in da mornin' on da corner clockin'
Yeah we wrong but dare a n***a try to stop it
And you can get anywhere, anybody
Dem Boyz got work, Dem Boyz got yay
Dem Boyz got purp, Dem Boyz got haze
Dem Boyz got Glocks, Dem Boyz got K's
Dem Boyz got blocks, Dem Boyz gettin' paid

Big D, Big D
Edge Hang, Edge Hang
Big D, Big D
Swat Dawg, Swat Dawg
Big D, Big D
Edge Hang, Edge Hang
Big D, Big D
Zone 3, Zone 3

I'm on da corner wit k**az holdin' onto dem pistols
Da only n***a dat ? and crackin' dem nickles
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I'm up on da block and I'm posted like Moses Malone
50 a pop, my numbers and 50 is on
I'm still in da spot where most of these ? get blown
Most of my people is gone, most of my life I did wrong
I'm in da gutta hoe where most of my partnaz alone
All of dem live by da streets, and most of dem die by da chrome

Ay give the little n***a his ball back

Game Boyz, put a clip in a 45, cock back
Jeezy show a n***a where to pop at
All da bullsh** n***as is talkin', better stop dat
? where Block at. Ain't kiddin', got a 6-4, drop dat
Test drove a new Bentley and cop dat
I'll show you where da rock at
Show you where Eazy E and Dr. Dre get shop at
Same place Ronnie King got beat by da cops at;
Dat was '92, when I stashed the loot from Woopty Woop
And the same exact place Biggie Smalls got popped at
Unsolved by da boyz in blue
Hundred n***as outside
Nobody know who
But I do. L.A.P.D. dats on me, matter fact I put dat on ?
I'ma die too, for da sh** I said, if I was the Prez
Probably would have lied too
But let me get off that and get back to rap
Give all my hood n***as somethin' new to ride to
I'ma keep it real dawg when a guy wanna live was dead
Homie I'd cry too, probably ? and it's a god damn shame
We ain't know we was 'bout to be left out too
What about you?
How the f** did you feel when you heard Jam Master Jay got k**ed
Or when Soulja Slim got capped
Feel my pain and do the nolia clap
You from N.Y. n***a show respect;
You from L.A. take da rag out ya pocket and show 'em that
Gang bangin' and ? back; me and T.I. holdin' da track

Yeah man, this ya boy Block, man
ATL's bad boy, Mr. Eastside hisself
A to the K, Jose Williams Jr
Yeah ride through ? wit my hat bent to da left
The Eastside Chevy rida
Ay yo Puff, you know I had do it

Boyz N Da Hood, number 1

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