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Politically aware, always cynical, and powerfully musical, Born Against brought the passion and restless anger of American hardcore into the nineties. First active in 1989-90 in New York City, the band featured vocalist Sam McPheeters and guitarist Adam Nathanson, as well as a revolving cast of drummers and bassists. (The most solid lineup included Tonie Jay and Brooks Headley of Universal Order of Armageddon fame.) Born Against began with the usual round of 7" and compilation appearances, including a spot on Ebullition's influential 1991 comp Give Me Back. They then issued 9 Patriotic Hymns for Children, their debut LP, that same year. The Battle Hymns of the Race War 10" followed; both were released through McPheeters' own Vermiform imprint. More comp appearances and split releases followed, including a 1994 split with Screeching Weasel for Lookout! Born Against had run its course by mid-decade, even if its existence had galvanized an NYC hardcore scene screaming for a voice. But its members soldiered on with other projects, including McPheeters' Men's Recovery Project and Nathanson's Young Pioneers. In 2003 Kill Rock Stars stepped in to take over distribution of the Born Against material, after Vermiform fell on hard times. Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure compiled nineteen early and obscure single and flexi releases, while 9 Patriotic Hyms and Battle Hymns were compiled into one release. In 2004 McPheeters resurfaced with a new project for KRS called Wrangler Brutes, a manic, hard-charging thrash/hardcore outfit that also featured drummer Headley and Andy Coronado (ex-Monorchid). Zulu, their debut, appeared in October '04. ~ Johnny Loftus, All Music Guide

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