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From out of static time has grown Existence formed by substance unknown Prelude to matter, shift of disorder Completion of bonds between chaos and order The era of seasons, the essence of being The continuous process awakens the living Absorber of every flickering sun Arranging the pieces to vivid perfection The stream of mortality flows uncontrolled A boundless downward spiral to prospective void Existence takes its toll, extinction unfolds The Colossus falls back from it?s treshold The cosmic grip so tight. Heed the celestial call The rise, the voyage, the fall- tangled womb of mortal soil Universal key of inception, pulled out of the grind The growing seed of creation and time Complex fusion, the bond of four- the nature?s core Universal ritual, aesthetic beauty adored The pendulum upholds the carnal deceit Eternal, endless, indefinite The paradox, render and the merge is complete Nothing but the process is infinite Nothing but the process is infinite Eternal, endless, indefinite

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