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Boris Hernandez - LUCY lyrics

[Hook: Boris The Lucid]

All this ice on my neck man I earned it
Niggas flexing but man I don't see them working
Niggas talking bout they moving
Where the motion
Suicidal niggas hating me the most and (2x)

[Verse 1: Boris The Lucid]

Hold me victim in this situation, it's a problem
Got the homies riding dirty they know how to solve it
Never knew equations but my momma always taught me
Keep yo eyes up on them snakes
My nigga they is always watching you
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Every move you that you do
I take my chances make my questions
Fill my answers
Tell a young nigga like this
All of my young nigga savages
Come out at night man we all got the poltergeist
All of this ice on my neck man I earned it but some of these
Niggas must pay the price
The roof is ya' limit
I see you a linnet
My work is olympic
I don't give a fuck man a nigga been pimpin'
I work every minute I don't give a fuck if a fuck nigga
Trynna' hold me up
The second I break and I fall that I promise you nobody there Trynna' hold me up
The people who envy me be the same mothafuckas trynna show a nigga love

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