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Boris Hernandez - Bout it lyrics

[Hook: Boris The Lucid]

Is you bout it is you bout it (4x)
Let me ask you this question
Is you bout it is you bout it (4x)


Back it up back it up
All that jibber jabber baby u gotta back it up back it up
Never seen a lot of money baby u gotta stack it up stack it up
All that pussy laying on the counter
She know that she my chica
I need her
We got it
Pill poppin bitches
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They bout it
Back in the Corolla
She's sicker then ebola
She's feeling very sola

[Verse 1: Boris The Lucid]

Love the feeling I get when I'm with you

Drowning in the ocean like save me too

Calling out for God can you hear me too

Praying to the gods Like save her too

Fuck these other niggas they don't got you
Fuck them other nigga they don't hear you
Fuck them other niggas they don't love you
They call you when they need that handout from you

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