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Boris Hernandez - 98' / the hopeful return lyrics

[Hook: Boris The Lucid]

I take risk (2x)
We dangerous (2x)
Momma screaming say we need that money
Oh funny money come and go now oh
Funny honeys come and go now
Momma told me handle my own
[transition to the hopeful return]

[Bridge: PRADO]

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Momma told me handle my own yeah (4x)

[Verse 1: Boris The Lucid]

You can see me whipping on my own
Riding round in the city you with no worries
Riding round with two bullets in my left hand
Right hand hold the gun now how I get down
Way up in the north side how I get down
Bitch i had to get it on my own
Day and night going all alone
On my own (2x)

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