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Borealiz - Sapphires (Chapter 1) lyrics

[Verse 1]:

I see the ocean
I hear the waves coming in and they keep on saying
"Chase the sapphire, Chase the sapphire, Chase the sapphire"
But the Amethyst brings me to tears, and the sapphire's watching my pain
She blew through the wind to another empire, Eddies empire…


She hasn't learned how to love, She keeps falling into traps
I was there to guide her, And be there right beside her and I just kept getting crap
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So to the sky, let the dreams of the emeralds and sapphires blow through the wind again
And let me walk the beach, this awful peaceful beach alone again…


KWAHERI...YAKUTI... (x's 8)

[Verse 2]:

You weren't tryna hurt me, But you done did desert me, just to have a little fun…
And when he breaks your heart, I'm sorry but for comfort I can't be the one, I can't give you what was love…

[Hook x's 2]

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