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[Hook]: Girl you blow me away (x's 3) Like sandy and Irene (x's 4) [Verse 1]: I see you standing in the corner of the room looking lonely… Well I'm here. And I'd like to make you feel alright You're kinda shy but that smile's saying “Baby hold me” And I would love you down because tonight I'm looking for a queen We get back to the party. Finished all that swiss! The clocks hits 12, this girl gives me a kiss And for once I actually say that I'm glad that I'm here! I look to the past; What a hell of a year! It's a Holiday, we at a party! Lighten up! I've never had a drink but I got myself a cup! And we did things I'm ashamed of cuz I'm only 18! But now I know what's fun based on all that I've seen! [Hook] Verse 2: I hate being nice but it's one night! And my body and my mind are having a fight This babe comes up and says “whats up?” Then we talk it up and my heart rate jumps I don't have to hide it; don't have to be discrete! Cuz you're perfect and I want you ‘til we're both obsolete! Yeah you're cute! And you're sweet! Heart is big but you're petite! And when it's Midnight I'mma show you who be rocking that Fatigue! Looking up at the stars, trying drinks at the bar Take a drive in a car, Taxi gets us so far I know its one night. But my hand is on her hand And I want to make her wifey; I wanna be her man And we spoon at the lake and I'm eating that cake And I'm enjoying my life like a 60th birthday! So I'm dreaming about vacation and everything is cool I'm sailing through the water; We lounging at the pool [Bridge] [Hook]

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