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[Hook]: We were just out having fun Now you're my best friend Babe, you always on my mind Never want those thoughts to end Never find true love Cuz I love you now I want you more than Anythin' (x's 2) [Verse]: Getting icy! Forget them rappers and all they racks! Balling everyday like I'm Mr. Shaq You caught my eye baby girl can I have it back! We be playing in my mind like a CD track! I like all kind of girls! Rainbow! But I'm just focusing on you. I ain't playing; No Like I care if I'm not even aristocrat You be running through my mind but where you hiding at I LIKE GIRLS I LIKE GIRLS BECAUSE THEY'RE FUN BITE ME LIP; I HOLD YOUR HIPS BY MIDNIGHT WE AINT DONE Lemme take you to the places that you wanna go Dream house; outta state; You already know If that's what you want; I got it girl Dang you got me love drunk like its alcohol [Hook (x's 2)]

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