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Borealiz - LIFE lyrics

I'm looking in the mirror and I've got a blank stare
Cuz I'm thinking bout my scars and how they all got there
But you can't even see them cuz their bruises on my mind
I'm a ghost; A silhouette but I'm doing just fine
Cuz when I turn my frown upside down, the world flips with it
If it wasn't for my age then I'd just go with it
I went from being outcast to what's it mean to be lonely?
Cuz I'm holding on to love and she'll never let go of me

It's like I'm just a silhouette. A small j**el in the big mine!
Just another human being walking with his strange kind!
I went from lonely odd ball to the lime light!
Surrounded by these Post Traumatic victims with no Prazosin!
Why give 'em help when they can't get it? Why save yourself if you can't get it?
Why save a teen with his paranoia
When he was a boy 11 of his parents let him get it!
Cuz life is just another mystery; And about my destiny; I tried to make some history!
So I got myself a Minnie Me; Latino with a felony; And now he says he misses me!
He's just another star in the dark night; Just another star in the lime light!
Now he's a j**el in the big mine!
Just another human being walking with his strange kind!

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Say hello to my stacks now! I'm getting all these hashes now!
Its been a slow run in the big flix! I ain't filling up my bank account
Getting bigger, Getting better, Getting Stronger
Just me, myself and Devbrand being daft for even longer
Popping ‘tigue wit a collar, Taijanai! I need to call her
Just floating like an otter, my music's getting odder
But I'm still a silhouette. Must be something about just starting that I just can't seem to get
Must be something bout these humans that I just can't seem to get because no matter how much I get I always seem to fret and I hate it!
Cuz all my friends, Ya there gone. 1 died, 1 moved, I have one left but I guess He's moving on
I guess I need love to replace that; But if you want that story, go and listen to my songs. I'm gone



I can't take this no more
No more
No more
Too much stress bein' put on my back...


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