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Borealiz - Christmas Baby lyrics

I wanna stay up all night
And stare up at the stars, so bright
Give me your hand, you can be my life!
Won't you be my Christmas baby!
Baby! (Christmas Baby)
Baby! (Christmas Baby)
Baby! (Christmas Baby)
And I'll Love You Down!

[Verse 1 (Louii King)]:
Come on now, Mrs. Sunny D
If I could paint a perfect picture
Write a song and sing it to you with a precious whisper
In you ear!
Another Mistle Toe, We kissin' slow!
What's the Purpose flirtin' if we fall and make a new connection?
I'm just movin' forward! Reach my hand behind if your direction!
Waves are crashing! Hit the Water, watchin' your reflection!
See, I be wilin' out! And that's what you be talkin' 'bout!
I'm all around the world! Just' Splashin', Swervin' Pullin', Poppin' Out!
My Little homie, Dev? Rollin' if you brought some friends!
Said you gotta little sister tryna kick it on [?]
What can i say? It's Cause we gifted! Everyday is christmas!
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Even though we distance, Through the night, she hit me up and listen!
That's the biggest Reason why I'm wit' her! Coldest In the Winter!
The Open fire with my lady! California Shady!
I drive her crazy, but she never ever try to play me!
Make a holiday feel like its daily! That's my Christmas Baby!


[Verse 2 (Borealiz)]:
I wanna take you out to dinner in a Rolls Royce!
I wanna get next to you like Rose Royce!
Take away my breath tonight! Your choice!
Baby can you hear the sound of my voice?

And even when I'm feeling down!
You always turn that around!
Our time is running short now!
Can you hear my heart pound?
I'm loving you! I'm needing you!
You know girl, what we gotta do!
Come on now, give me a kiss!
I wanna be your Christmas!


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