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Borealiz - Twisted Love lyrics


Twisted Love (x's 8)

[Verse 1]:
Swallowing pills just to cope with the pain
Getting all the demon voices out of my brain
Desires been corrupted. Man, I'm goin' insane
Found the truth lying under all of my veins
Fear's creeping in and I'm facing insecurities
Living in a world that'll throw me all obscurities
And they expect me to go and model them maturity
I got me a woman and she got me to purity
I called her my baby like I'm dealing with maternity
And she said she'd love me forever and for eternity
But the scars kept building and her shield kept breaking
I tried to be there but I made some mistakes and
She got what she wanted; She moved to green pastures
And after all the times she tried to call me bastard
Screw you; Hate you; Bye bye; I'm leaving you;
Even though you're gone, I want you…
I still want you...


[Verse 2]:
We break up to Make Love, Make love to break up
The love that we once had, The tears that we once shed
Time after time I gave you everything I once had
Gave you trust, you broke that, Now I want my life back
You doing d** Now? You acting reckless
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One day you gonna pay, like I did for that necklace
And after all that, you tryna hold me down
Well too bad I'm gone now...But then again

I remember the long nights and the cold winters
I remember the long battles, and small victors
I remember the short tears and the long smiles
I remember the lost time and the found child
I remember tryna stand in this cold world
After damage wounds from a cold world
But the memory fades away
As the curtain rolls back in 3...2… what...

[Hook] x's 2

[Piano Solo]

Girl: stopp
Frankie: get ray
Ray: naked b**h calm down
Frankie: f** that, f** bakini's
Borealiz: good job tho
Frankie: Ray… he's drawlin
Ray: he said good job though
Borealiz: Hurry up
Girl: come on Ray, gosh!
Frankie: fine
Borealiz: wait..
Ray: he said good job though

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