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Borealiz - Do Wrong lyrics

Announcer: It's Intermission guys, you back on in about 5 minutes
Kno Well: Yo, It's about time we took a break
Devon: I know, right?
Kno Well: Yooo There are some BAHD chicks out in the lobby. You gotta meet them bro
Devon: On a scale from Ugly to Thick, what are these girls?
Kno Well: Check this out, right? You see that girl over there?
Devon: GOT - DAMN she's hooott
Kno Well: Want me to holla at her for ya?
Devon: Huh?
Kno Well: Trust me bro. Check this out. *beat* Hey girl?? What's ya name!

[Verse 1 (Borealiz)]:
It seems like everytime I get number, its a lady
The only ones that hate me, are the ones that couldn't date me
I'll admit, I'm picky. Ain't rollin' with a fatty
I like my mamacita go down for krabby patty
I don't want like half of ya'll exes to know me
I don't want no salty blood smearin' up my motif
But Dev? What if you get a STD
Then I'll pass to One Direction in an SUV
Dev, you're so dark! Man, I thought you were bright
Bro, hop behind these eyes If you want some insight
Let me get the Taliban and find a hooker to Smite
Vergo is my homie, yeahh but he's gone for the night

[Hook (Borealiz)]:
Baby, please tell me why we gotta be right
I know you turn on when you're hearing my songs
Girl, how come all the time we gotta act right?
Baby, drop the act. Let's do a little wrong
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(x's 2)

[Pre-Verse (Kno Well)]:
They Got No-No on The Track! These Other Buhls Are Wack
15 On My Way To Living Some Big Dreams
Which Way Do I Fall? Which Way Do I lay My Face...

[Verse 2 (Kno Well)]:
Insanity Just Set In! I got This Chick On My Lap And We Bout To Get It In!
Hold Up Wait A Minute! You Thought This Was Rented?
I'ma Come Through The Line Like Jerome Bettis!
I'm about To Set It Off, Fire In Your Face!
Then I'm With Your Girl On A Date
And I Whisper In Her Ear And Her Legs Hit The Chandelier!
I'ma Go Off Like A Spear! I'mma Run From The Law; Tie My Shoes Up
I'ma Get Loose In The Back Of The Paddy Wagon Like The Wu-Tang Crew
Sitting In The Back While I Count This Cash
Oh! Crime Scene! Put Your Foot On The Pedal! Hit A Hundred! DASH!
Coming Through This World, On Fire
These Females Calling me a Liar; Pen To The Paper. Yeah We On The Go
This Rap Life Is My Flow…

[Adlib (Borealiz)]:
Yeah, these no's think we gold
But they just bronze ass hoes
Who got me Rick rollin'
Over Rick Ross Rolls

[Hook] x's 2


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