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Borealiz - Pretty Brown Eyes lyrics


[Verse (Borealiz)]:
Hey baby, how you been? Why your chin low?
Why your eyes red? Why you crying near the window?
I ain't good with words, you always know I stammer!
Its sad to see you ‘round like this and never get an answer! (Too bad)
Imma be a cashier so you could pay attention!
You never look my way or even try to stop to mention (my name)!
You say that I'm irreverent, I say that I'm irrelevant
And then we're picking dresses, you think you like a elephant!
I think you look like a 5 star nymphomaniac
I try to teach you things, and you calling me a brainiac
Baby… can you tell me what's worst?
Having parents that hate you or parents in a hearse
See you and I, its the little things that make us
And no amount of pain ain't ever gonna break us
I'm sorry I ain't perfect, you ain't never gonna love this guy
But how'm I supposed to leave you with them pretty brown e-e-eyes!

Why you so afraid?
I will never ever up and break you
Your trust is here to stay
But all I ask is that you smile

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You and your pretty brown eyes (x's 4)

[Verse (Kno Well)]:
Hey Pretty Brown Eyes, where you at? Come get with me!
Baby where you at? I'm missing on this half of me!
Now Imma speak that real shit, Imma show you what I mean!
Why you got a stink face? What am I? Collard Greens?
Lean Cuisine in a Limousine
Sorry, side track off that green on green
But your eyes is all I see
We could endlessly just spend on sprees
Switch gears on that drop top Camaro
Denying me feels like I'm getting stabbed from an arrow
Growin' up with nightmares, never really scared though
Now in my dreams we be kissing while your hair flow
Like I'm under the hood, so misunderstood
Slippin' and slidin' and diving and dying
These hoes can fry, I wish they would
You push me away but atleast I'm trying… right?


[Sax Solo]


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