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Borealiz - Nuclear Winter lyrics

[Verse 1]:
(Its dawn) The festives have begun
So long, since we've even touched
I can't live unless you're mine
So why are we losing time?

Baby, I'm caught in a flashback
All flies by, not a word to say
Forever winter
Is this a fantasy?
(x's 2)

[Verse 2]:
You coming back from alleghany?
Now my face needs me masquerading
You know I'm fading, I always hated
I spark it up like the time that you braided my hair!
Start a new conversation!
Those memories were all conservation!
They float away like its condensation
Cuz you dropped it, ain't no time for taking!
When you kicked out of Hilton Resorts
You gotta resort to your Instincts!
Rinse the make up on down the sink
You play it out with that N-Sync!
You hear the Tinnitus harmonizing!
Then you get loud and barbarizing
Jumping back to that metro foreplay
Better bring it down to Mezzo Forte!!
Those wrists scars? That's need for power
Amorality and bloodlust!
Selfishness, and violence
All springing up from your lack of trust
We both know you got a spending problem!
You spendin' too much time on me!
You got me yellin' at the top my lungs
I'll grab you hard, and you grit your teeth!
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This the breakdown and I'm heartless, I'm never grinnin'! That artist!
I decapitate it, You see my face gettin' saturated?
Till every last word's capitulated! Got me feelin' so irritated
Allow Devon to reiterate it! Maybe even re-illustrate it!

I see you crying baby. The shoe fit and you wore it!
I know it's winter baby, but no need to be dormant
They say when shit is rough sometimes we write it out
And for the past year, you're all I write about
I know its seems like we're frustrated
But its simply just an allegory
Simply just emotions clashing
Simply a chapter to our story


[Verse 2]:


I remember feeling great on our first date
Asked you on the ferris wheel
The sun had set, we kissed it off
Our song began, I couldn't deal
I coulda sworn we gave birth to a fairy tale
Cuz everything was perfect and we let go of our eery trail
Of mistery! Remember you would cry yourself to sleep?
And I would sit there cuz I couldn't help, so mad because of myself
Cuz ‘bout a month later I'm walking on the highway
Cuz you left me with the memories of us up in my driveway
I know its rough, I'm manning up
But I was brand new... to a perfect love
Cuz I never got the same when I was growing up
And now you're fine without me cuz I messed it up


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