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Borealis - Black Rose lyrics

The night grows dark
The scene is set
But you say you're
Not ready yet

Your words like knives
Inside of me
I'm not the one you
Want me to be

But where's this one
To save the day
Tonight you're mine
I think you'll stay

Believe me when
I say you're fine
But only for
The present time

Those words you spoke so long ago
Have stayed with me so deep so low

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Your lips, your smile, your eyes, your face
Why must you take me to this place
Black Rose your words have haunted me
And now it's time to set me free

Time it seems
To go so slow
This night, your end
Refuses to go

Your tears cut deeper
Than your words
It must end now
Before it's worse

Darkness floods
My raging mind
I try to see straight
But I'm blind

This end, so cruel
I'm sorry for
I leave you silent
On the floor

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