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Bones - $PARKIN lyrics

If you're lookin' for a party song here bitch party on
Chillin' in my civic no top like Mardi Gras
Give me a second bout to get my Jeff Hardy on
On the top grove get my swan tom bombin' on
I skip the beef like Ramadan while everybody else pullin' triggers like firelarms
Money diamonds cars
Ounce in the jar
[?] flow flow like a leotard
You look at me and you see a star
Young nebula spittin' bars on mars
I rippin' bar for bar my shit is so underpar
My shit is so fuckin' sick
My shit is so fuckin' hard
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My raps so fuckin' sesh and my girl the same
All we do is do drugs all night all day
In the shade blowin' haze it's the motherfuckin' team
Couple weird white kids with some weird ass dreams
Get rich, [?] ships, and all that
I'm callin' to the universe I hope that bitch call back
Hit the blunt once and I feel like I'm fallin'
Dollar sign eyes too cash always sparkin'
Too cash always sparkin
Dollar sign eyes too cash always sparkin'
I'm always too cashed
Every time you see me
I'm always too cashed

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