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Bones - $hotgun lyrics

[Verse 1: Th@ Kid]

Still ain't got a license so I'm riding shotgun
Shotgun cock some white pigs that pop guns
These pop stars platinum fuck that
I want some, act like you want none
Bitch i know you want some
Sickest bar none, words i got them
You're favorite rapper, well i probably taught them
Drugs i bought and bang like someone shot them
Fuck them cut them, it's soft like cotton
Bitches probably know [???] if you talking bout a white kid that is not me
You pop like lolly, i don't fuck with molly
Cup full of those jollies, in my syrup drowning
Robert Downey my white skin, shine bright like lightning
My white benz my white friends say my shit so fucking sick
If they don't like it tell em suck a dick
Tell them th@ kid bring some weapons in
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I must have been like fucking six
When i was on my bed, screaming fuck the pigs
Plastic clip in my plastic mag
Orange tip spraying hella shots
Not acting white not acting black
Just acting how i fucking wanna act
Nose full of coke sock full of crack
Big gold rope yelling 80 stack
Grand-master flash, just ashing fast
If you tryna sesh just pass the test
Acid best, face better
Morning needs the dam way i said it
My females a master piece
I might just shed a tear, don't let me fucking shed it
Don't let me fucking shed it, boutta shed a tear
Don't let me fucking shed it


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