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Bones - $CHOLARBONE$ lyrics


White kids acting like I ain't fucking rapping right
Bitch this ain't no black or white
I'm black and white with hella ice
Fuck the world I smoke a blunt blow an ounce in a night
Moved out my folks so I can tell her the house is ours tonight
Chain like the arka light
Girl look like hot spice
Killer with no intentions and that's it for having off-night
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Can't even talk right I'm going too hard
Raising the bar and I ain't even got a car

[HOOK] x2

Go, go, put this shit in slow-mo
Chop-chop and screw it, bang it, bang it in your low bo
Riding through Soho
Motherfuck that Polo
Thrift-shop rags, only $CHOLARBONE$ only

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