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Bones - 7DayOutlook lyrics


The wind, invisible, powerful, mysterious
The rain, touching your hair, your face, your heart
The snow falls and something inside is a child again
The sun shines and the whole world seems to smile
Because the weather means more to you than umbrellas and overcoats
We bring you the weather channel, weather you can always turn to

[Hook: Dylan Ross]

I don't even want you to pay me any attention
I got my own shit and you are merely a distraction
I'm not blind but I ignore you in similar fashion
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I got no love, I got no love, not even just a fraction

[Verse: BONES]

Fuck a brand name; bitch I rock my own shit
Fuck these other rappers; bitch I bump my own shit
I'm all alone, singing at the bottom of the ocean
I'm in my zone, can't nobody tell me no shit
No bills, still I'm looking like I own shit
Young Bones, and I'm back up on that flow shit
That 'bob your head, roll your blunt, get gone' shit
Never pay for clothes; I never owe shit


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