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Bones - .Exe lyrics

[Verse: Bones]
Walkin' through the catacombs
Bitches try to tag along
.Exe up on your man
If he act Microsoft
Macintosh, having thoughts
101 blunts and a glass of Voss
Want to chill, ask your boss
Hope that job is payin' off
Cash, cash, cash
All I fuckin' see is cash
Get cash, cash, cash
Dollar signs when I ash
Spacebar racecar
Flip it like a face card
Like me 'til they see me
Now they want to play the race card
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White in the night
Drinkin' fire, smokin' ice
Just a skinny white pimp
Named Bones, with the knife
No chain, no games
Never catch me in the Range
If I catch you within range
Feel the reach of my blade

[Hook: Bones]
Feel it in your veins
Feel it in your blood
Take you out the frame
Put you in the mud
I'm the one to blame
Cause you're the one that does
Put it on me
I don't mind feeling fucked up

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