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Bones - Sixteen lyrics

Ay yo man, we bringing back the real knowledge
The real power in hip-hop
We are the streets, the movement
Hot street single smash

We were 16, this means robbing was an option
Money was the problem, scrapping copper for some profit
Break it in for some gin, hope your mom don't got a problem
Throw the bottle over the fence, and I hope nobody saw us
We were gone, we were dead, resurrect and go to bed
Just some dirty white boys with some d** up in our hands
Never slanging dope, no, cause we'd rather just smoke
Ice cold, back roads, tires covered in snow
I'm taking it back to the basics, I'm bringing it back to the basement
See this that Christmas light shining, 101 blunts to the face, sh**
See I was 15, drinking like I was f**ing 32
All the things you and your friends do, I did that too
Broken gla**, blunt ash, dashing away with the product
Peep it, flip it for some dollars, then we buy some more bottles
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Our parents thinking that we missing, haven't spoken some weeks
My shoes wet from the weather, hiding out from the heat

I'm just a young bad kid, wasn't meant to do sh**
I did things I wish I didn't, I got things I wish I did
Just a young bad kid, wasn't meant to be sh**
I did things I wish I didn't, I got things I wish I did

[Verse 2]
Feeling something like Jermane Dupri
Jagged Edge I'm with the twisted team
White and cold, I'm like Mr. Freeze
But I'm looking something like Keanu Reeves
I switch the blade and she pop a bean
Heart stop and she drop to me
She smell the smoke and she know it's SESH
She see my eyes and she know it's me, like damn
Did it really all change that quick
Now everywhere we go they know us
I wanna stop time, I don't wanna go on any longer
Just give me a moment

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