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Bohemia - Mae Moore lyrics

I missed the bus, yeah, I did it again
That's when I first me the Parisian
Poet, angel it was his idea
I take my place in Bohemia

I've got a view nobody's seen
I read Burroughs but I keep it clean
I go places inside my head
With an eye on tomorrow to keep my soul fed

I came here of m own accord
I came to witness the unexplored
Green valleys and a fertile sea
I came to rediscover the real me

I like it here, at least so far
I've got no plans of saying au revoir
Elevated visions when I close my eyes
Stretched out underneath these amaranth skies
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Make me feel
Closer than I've ever been to being alive
Since I've arrived in Bohemia
Late afternoon is a time to dream

I like to listen to Coltrane's "A Love Supreme"
Then I leave my rented room and I walk
Through the fading light down streets that talk
I always meet someone I could call a friend

Prejudice is something we must transcend
Coming into season this world will flower
With the power of love, not the love of power
And I feel, closer than I've ever been

To being alive since I've arrived in Bohemia
Independent spirit, temper us inside
With the strength to live a life fulfilled
And not denied

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