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Bobii Lewis - Outstanding and Outrageous lyrics

Av Ace

Outstanding and outrageous
Every night is a gamble like I'm out in Vegas
I'm in the ends though probably without trainers
Cos I work my socks of and then I down play it yeah
Don't private call me I'm now famous
I'm a public figure nigga even got my main ting [?]
An old G told me don't count on people just count papers I'm outstanding and outrageous yeah
Nomination don't mean validation
When 'They' came out I spoke to Dave and told him have the patience
Ironic how they didn't 'Wanna Know' but now that Drake did there debating whether he paved the way but were from the pavement yeah
Outstanding and outrageous
I nearly lost love when I found haters
I hear my songs when I'm out raving so much targets I'm now aimless
I send for anybody that's sending shots I'm without patience yeah
Trigger-happy till the figures are happy
The only time your G check me is on a bank statement
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I just got rid of your net profit in tax payments yeah that's outrageous
P P L for my people that'll backdate
Back in the days we had dreams worth more then money
When the cash came in I had nightmares that only rap could awaken
Yeah I'm trapped in a matrix so freedoms what I type into the sat navigation
Cos when your destiny's your destination they can't change it
I'm half greatness half ambition and all action I walk backwards
Cos I feel like Michael an Off the wall talent
Yeah I'm now dangerous
So outstanding so outrageous
So outstanding so outrageous
So outstanding ironically I found stages but at a stage I was out slaving
From picking cotton to picking cotton
Niggas in the field to niggas shopping
Its no more loses if I got it my niggas got it
And anything otherwise is outrageous
I'm always up at night cos sleep is like a foul fragrance
Your now listening to the sounds of 2017 ignore the polls I'm working like I'm Albanian
I was in a state on my estate had so much on my plate with nothing physically on my plate until I found greatness
But what's a man with out gods favor

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