BOBBY - Sore Spores lyrics


Louise, got sore knees
Too much time playing around with what you need
A child you forgot and
Can't remember what really wanted
Louise, got to please
Lost hopes fall as small teeth
Your smile is taught and
How can I give you what you really wanted?
Do you want me to take them all?


I don't know why I come here,
I don't know why I stay
I've been breathing in the corner with the reasons I shake
The sensations that suggest me come equipped with a haze
It's the pinch of every soul I never choose to embrace


Louise, I love your needs
And all the time you spending runnin round at Chuck E. Cheese
To be you, to take it
Why do we (I love to talk) fake a lisp?
New Ease, with milky teeth
Give me your hands I'll kiss your knees
We could fake it, everyday

My soul is here to stay


Hello "Wingman in the evening," it's the time for our talk
Haven't offered any feelings or the room to take off
It's the hole in everybody that I choose to instate
They've been messin' with my rep, I'm singin under the weight.


No more winkin at the cam, doll. No more leaking it all.
(Tell me how can I get it back.)
Have a couple friends above the border and I need them to stall.
(...something that I've always had?)
I've got berries in my body, they're all over the place.
(Oh how can I get it back.)
Now I'm leaving with the Tony, no more skin on my face.
(...something that I've always had?)


Do you want me to take them all?
...because I can but I won't though
Do you want me to take them all?
...because I can but I won't though (Oh)
My father's gonna make that call (Who knows?)
As a child I was happy and slow (You know)
Im gonna take you where I wanted to go (You know)

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