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Bobby Shmurda - Shmoney Never Stop lyrics

[Hook: Quavo]
Benjamin hundreds cash out
Shmigo money never stop
Walk around with extendos and Glocks
f** with Shmigo gang n***a get popped
Shmigo money never stop, Shmigo money never stop
Shmigo money never stop, Shmigo money never stop
Hundreds of knots, walk in the bank and cash out
Shmigo money never stop, Shmigo money never stop
Shmigo money never stop, Shmigo money never gang
Walk around with extendos and Glocks
Cash cash coming n***a now stop

[Verse 1: Quavo]
Shmigo gang from New York to the A and we got plugs in LA
Walking around with blue hundos young n***a I don't give a f** what you say
Breaking in we want the safe, Bobby got the choppa to his face
Shmigo gang f** n***a spray the whole squad like a can of mace
Getting brain in the X6 I haven't seen the nasty b**h since
Call me young Quavo Obama I got secret service with president tints
Pinky ring pay your rent
There go twelve jump the fence
If a n***a say he got the whole thing tell the squad send a blitz


[Verse 2: Offset & (Rowdy Rebel)]
Money coming like a train
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Diamonds moonwalking Michael Jackson chain
(Diamonds honey glazed you can see the diamonds dancing in the shade)
Taking shots like the paparazzi, hundred million dollars no Illuminati
(So don't be afraid pull up Maserati put a shotty to his body)
Coco-Cola, baking soda, remix the dummy brick makeover
(Shmigo gang take over we pull up in Raris no Range Rover)
Safari Balenciaga make her [?], dunking the brick Amar'e Stoudemire
(Shmurda Migo gang empire), leave a n***a smelling sweet and sour


[Verse 3: Takoff & (Bobby Shmurda)]
Thirty round clip on my hip so you know its about to be a murder
Hit a n***a with the hundred round drum make him crank the Bobby Shmurda
(Flipping n***as like burgers, hitting up town switching up burners
These n***as they nervous, if it ain't bout Shmoney then it don't concern us )
Pull in a Maybach in the president a n***a riding with the curtains
Red dot on your head pop the cherry p**y n***a was a virgin
(p**y n***a ain't learn, thirty shots to that [?]
So surprised when they heard hit yellow tape the block when I curve it
Yellow taped the block when they curved it
I'm in my Lamborghini swerving
Offset bought the Porsche and put it on forgis
[Cartiers on my face lookin' like Morpheus!]
(Pablo Pica**o paint a portrait [?] but my b**h gorgeous
I got hundreds they enormous, youngin on that corner)


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